ALICEnet (Automated LIdar-CEilometer network) is an operational (24/7), cooperative, network of automated lidar-ceilometers (ALC) and Polarization sensitive ALC (PLC) established and coordinated by CNR-ISAC and run in collaboration with other Italian research institutions, Universities and environmental agencies. It aims at improving and promoting the multi-disciplinary use of vertically resolved environmental data and provides from near-real-time (L1 data) to long-term (L3, access currently restricted) aerosol and clouds profiling information across Italy.

ALC profiles also allow to derive the following retrieved information (L2 data, access currently restricted):

  • Aerosol layers (including mixing layer height);
  • Time-altitude distribution of particulate matter optical and physical properties;
  • Detection of Saharan dust, fires and volcanic plumes;
  • Cloud layers height;
  • Fog presence/level;
  • PM10 (test product);

This information is useful in the fields of meteorology, air quality, environmental monitoring and flight safety as well as for radiative (including solar energy) and climate studies. Posted data are preliminary and their copyright belongs to the reference institutions.

ALICEnet Team:

  • Scientific Coordination: Francesca Barnaba (CNR-ISAC)
  • Technological Coordination: Luca Di Liberto (CNR-ISAC)
  • Data processing development and networking: Henri Diemoz (Arpa Valle D’Aosta)
  • Data management and analysis: Alessandro Bracci, Ferninando Pasqualini (CNR-ISAC), Annachiara Bellini (Arpa Valle D’Aosta & Univ. ‘La Sapienza’)
  • Network Advisor: Gian Paolo Gobbi (CNR-ISAC)

To obtain numerical data, to join the network or to receive any additional information, please contact the ALICEnet project office at:

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